Benefits of Zahedi Dates

October 6, 2021 , Zahedi dates

Zahedi dates are the main source of I.V. water for the people of Iran and are very popular in all Islamic countries including Iran. It has been used by the Persians as an important source of nourishment for centuries. The benefit of Zahedi dates is that it contains a great quantity of nutrients, vitamins and minerals which will help in improving the immune system of the person and even detoxify the body. It has been especially chosen in Iran because of its rich taste and nutritional value.

The benefits of consuming these dates are many and they help in increasing the energy levels, reducing the fat content, vitamins, minerals and improving the digestion of the body. The fresh dates have got the reputation of lasting longer than any other date. They have a high content of potassium which is helpful for regulating the blood pressure in the body while reducing the level of stress. This is very useful in treating cancer as it inhibits the growth of cancer cells.


This is the reason that Iran has become a huge exporter of Zahedi dates in the world. The quality of this date is maintained at the optimum moisture content of twenty five percent which is quite high when compared to other types of cultivated date. The freshness of this fruit is very long lasting and it maintains its freshness for about one year after which it starts losing its natural flavor and texture.

The dates are grown in Iran in the dry Middle Eastern regions and they are very much popular in the western countries as well. The reason for this is that they are available in different states like Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kashmir, Pakistan, etc. In the United States, they are sold in the states like California, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, etc. The prices of the Zahedi dates depend upon the different places of which they are obtained and the geographical location. Some places have better climatic conditions than others which accounts for a variation in the quality of the fruits.

There are three distinct phases in the life cycle of the Zahedi dates. The first one is the early harvests when the fruit is still plucked and the seeds remain in the ground. The second phase is the late harvests or when the fruit is not plucked but still left on the earth to ripen. The third phase is the period in which the fruit ripens completely. The length of time taken for the maturity depends upon the cultivar and the weather conditions.

The natural sugar in the Zahedi dates helps in reducing glucose level in the blood. The glucose in the blood helps in countering diabetes. This is a very good news for the people of America who suffer from diabetic conditions. This is because the dates are rich in natural sugar which will reduce the effect of insulin which is responsible for the low blood sugar condition. Therefore, the natural sugar present in the dates act as a good medicine for diabetic people.

The natural antioxidants present in the date fruits are also known to improve health. They act as free radical fighters which destroy the harmful cells and radicals present in the body. This further leads to reduction in the risk of diseases like cancer and heart attacks. Therefore, by eating these delicious and healthy dessert, you can improve your overall health conditions.

When compared to other non-Iran products, Zahedi dates are more pure as it does not contain any traces of Iranian saffron. Therefore, the Iranian saffron can be completely removed while processing these semi-dry Arabic dates. This way, the quality of the product remains intact and there is no fear of the Iranian government banning the product due to its presence. So, buy these amazing Arabic dates now and experience the wonderful sweet taste of date!