Guadalupe Palm – Brahea Edulis

October 17, 2022 , fruits

There are many types of palm trees, but not all of them can live indoors. However, this is a strange plant and although it is very pleasant to care for, you should not buy the first item that comes with it. Consider the ten most popular types of indoor groves.

Dates: the most famous of all species, because it is the best option for growing at home. But it tends to grow, so you need to take care of a spacious room in advance. Dates should be put on your menu due to their exceptional benefits.

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Guadalupe Palm is a perennial tree species and its diameter is 12 meters by 4 meters. This is a slow growing species. A trunk has a column with a thicker base. The crown or cup consists of about 20 large leaves.

The leaves are costa palma (fan-shaped), both upper and lower green. The hostula located in the beam is easily recognizable and penetrates about 20 cm into the limb, much more than other species.

The diameter of the leaves is up to 2 meters, it has a divided apex, a long petiole is about 1.5 meters. The leaves are marigolds, so when they dry, they stick or bend to the side of the trunk

In addition, the leaves usually show about 70-80 pieces, even more than 100 pieces. The petioles do not have spines, or they have very few and their size is short

Its fruit is a drupe, its diameter is about 35 mm and its color is black. Fruits are edibles.