How to Find Cheap Date Suppliers

November 23, 2021 , dates suppliers


Desserts and fruit exporters have a wide range of dates on offer for sale. This includes but isn’t limited to apricot, cherries, cherry, blueberry, mango, raspberry, strawberry, white, and yellow. Depending on what you’re looking for, the exporter will be able to provide you with the correct date.

Some exporters will only sell certain dates fruit exporters their own, and you might want to check their client lists to make sure they have access to the kind of date you’re after. Check their website for more information. Most exporters have online quotes available from their site for free. Just give them the quantity of dates you need, which will normally include weight if necessary.

Once you know which dates fruit exporters sell, it’s time to decide what you want to do with them. Many exporters will let you pick and choose. For instance, some will let you pick and choose between fruit, dried fruits, mixes, crackers and many different snack mixes. You can also have an exporter send them to your home and assemble what you wish to send straight to your customers. There are many different exporter packages available, and depending on your company’s marketing budget, it may be worth considering having a few different exporter packages on offer. It’s always an option to contact them and discuss your requirements further – they’ll usually be happy to discuss what you have to offer.

If your business needs something in bulk, then contacting several different dates fruit exporters will often be cheaper than buying them as single items. Exporters will usually have a minimum order quantity. If you need large quantities, it may be cheaper to buy in bulk, so speak to an exporter directly and find out their recommended minimum order quantity. They will be able to give you a cost per date online and help you calculate a realistic return on your marketing budget. The cost per date online is likely to be the same no matter where you buy your dates from, but some exporters will have lower rates if they buy in bulk and pass on the saving to you. Speak to an exporter early on, to find out whether they have any bulk dates available.

If you’re looking for a specific brand or variety of dates, it can be worthwhile calling up different dates exporters until you’ve made up your mind. In some cases, they may be able to source out a better price than you would get by calling up each individual exporter. However, speaking to several different dates exporters will help you identify those suppliers that stock a particular variety of date.

When it comes to the actual process of buying the dates, there’s really nothing too complicated. You’ll need to know the number of boxes that you require and be aware of what date range you require. Many fruit exporters will be able to provide you with a rough idea of how much your business can expect to earn based on the numbers of boxes you require, but you can also let them know what you expect your sales volume to be. This will help them determine whether they’re offering you the best prices, especially if they’re not local, UK based dates exporters. Speak to several different dates exporters, as well as check out the net, to find out which dates exporters are currently offering the best deals.